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A unique online digital tranformation course. 8-weeks of micro-lessons, expert interviews, exercises, discussions and brainstorming with your entire organisation.

8 Weeks

An 8-week, self-paced, course that teaches you all about digital transformation, remote collaboration and the organisation of tomorrow. The course enables lively, online, discussions amongst your employees, resulting in a gestalt shift.

200 Hours of materials

The digital transformation course consists of hundreds of micro-lessons, exercises, expert interviews, reading materials and other valuable insights to transform your business in these challenging times.

For all employees

This is the first digital transformation course that is available for all employees and not only senior management. When all your employees understand emerging information technologies,  you will achieve a huge ROI on your digital transformation.

What will you learn?

Digital transformation is a tool, it is a means to an end to make business more efficient and customer-centric. Especially in these difficult times, organisations need to become a data organisation and employees need to become digital employees, if organisations want to thrive during and after the Coronavirus crisis. Therefore, we have developed a unique digital transformation course for all employees in your business. After all, to become a truly digital organisation, everyone should have a clear understanding of what emerging technologies are and how they will affect your organisation. This course not only teaches you how to digitally transform your business, but also helps your employees become digital employees and continue to work from home in efficient and effective ways.

Digital Transformation Course Outline

We live in exponential times and simply having a digital strategy focused on continuous innovation is no longer enough to thrive in a constantly changing world. In order to transform an organisation and contribute to building a secure and rewarding networked society, collaboration among employees, customers, business units and even things is increasingly becoming key.

Transforming your organisation into a digitally-first business is difficult. It not only requires a deep understanding of emerging technologies but it also requires organisations to change their culture and implement these new technologies in an efficient and effective way. This is challenging, especially because different departments can have different views.

That is why we have developed a unique digitally-first course to bring all your employees up-to-speed, while directly implementing the lessons learnt during selected projects. It is an 8-week course, consisting of hundreds of micro-lessons, interactive offline and online discussions, expert interviews, and a unique integration with any internal project, offering your employees a chance to immediately apply what they have learned.

1. Change is Necessary

  • What is digital transformation?
  • How has data become the most important resource in the world and what does that mean for your business?
  • How do you build a data-driven culture?
  • How can you use data in managing your projects?
  • Leadership and digital transformation?
  • Why is digital transformation a means to an end?

2. A Data Organisation

  • What is digital transformation?
  • How has data become the most important resource in the world and what does that mean for your business?
  • How do you build a data-driven culture?
  • How can you use data in managing your projects?
  • Leadership and digital transformation?
  • Why is digital transformation a means to an end?

3. The Future of Work

  • How to use digital tools to improve (remote) work?
  • Which tools to make your work easier and more efficient?
  • How to facilitate virtual meetings, workshops, and other types of sessions
  • Tools we use during the digital transformation course
  • How to benefit from digital remote working tools and how we will use them
  • How to align existing work processes with digital tools
  • How to move your entire business remotely and benefits from doing so, including interviews with leading organisations who have gone before you.

4. Customer Centricity in a Digital World

  • Customer engagement in a data organisation
  • 101 in segmentation
  • Customer insights using big data
  • Customer experience and metrics
  • How to use data in your customer journeys?
  • How to win the trust of your customer with data privacy?

5. Datafy your business

  • Why do you need to datafy your business?
  • Achieving a gestalt shift
  • How to benefit from the Internet of Things?
  • Customer insights using big data
  • Customer experience and metrics
  • Why do you need to break down your silos?
  • How do you develop a data-driven vision and mission?
  • How does big data empower your employees?

6. Distribute your Data

  • The cloud vs. distributed ledger technologies
  • Public, private or hybrid cloud?
  • Benefits, strengths and weaknesses of a cloud strategy?
  • Moving to the cloud; what to take into account?
  • Why is blockchain a fundamental technology that changes the fabric of our organisation?
  • Why will tokenisation change the world economy and how will it affect your business?
  • How to develop a purpose-driven tokenised ecosystem?
  • How to develop a decentralised culture?
  • When not to use blockchain in your organisation?
  • Distributed data will bring resilience and efficiency.
  • Better customer experience thanks to transparency and provenance

7. Analyse your data

  • Moving from content to context: the importance of context when trying to understand your environment?
  • Why are analytics vital within a design thinking process?
  • What is the difference between descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics?
  • How does analytics change when big data and blockchain are combined?
  • How will real-time insights change your decision making?
  • How analytics enable open strategy. What is an open strategy and how can it improve your business?
  • Moving from top-down to empowered employees;
  • Real-time insights require real-time action from decision makers;
  • What is data mining and how can it help your business?

8. Automate your Processes

  • AI is eating the world for breakfast.
  • Automating your business can be done using AI, but why do smart contracts also play a major role?
  • Why is AI vital for a customer-centric organisation?
  • How is artificial intelligence changing how you interact with your customers. How can marketing, customer service or sales benefit from conversational AI?
  • Why is AI like Lego and how to start with AI?
  • How will AI change the workforce and create an augmented workforce?
  • What are the effects of automation on your employees?
  • 30 Ways of how you can benefit from AI within your business?
  • What will the future of work and an augmented workforce look like?
  • How do you prepare your employees for automation?
  • The importance of transparency in AI development

9. Agile methods and design thinking

  • 101 on design thinking and the creative process in a digital world
  • There is nothing new here, why do companies lose their way?
  • Enduring uncertainties vs. lying to yourself and everyone else
  • Agile and lean, the relationship
  • Agile & lean service design: what it the core process and where can you apply it?
  • How to use Lean Business Canvas
  • Customer Journeys as the core element of your service blueprint
  • How do you link user stories to your Customer Journeys?
  • Why should you choose user stories over specifications?
  • How do you link data, automation and AI to your Customer Journeys?
  • Sales and marketing as a core part of your design

10. Agile governance and strategy execution

  • Typical challenges in a non-customer focused organization
  • How do you create strategic focus and avoid trying to do 100 things at the same time?
  • Sticking to the plan and getting results with Objectives and Key Results, the agile way
  • Setting up the organization and your operations
  • Value creation vs. competence development
  • Controlling your burnrate and P/L in an agile world
  • The role and behaviour of modern leadership

11. Ethical Digital Transformation

  • Why is an ethical approach important when it comes to digital transformation?
  • How to ensure data privacy, transparency and data security
  • How can data governance result in stakeholder value
  • The dangers of a lack of data ethics within your business
  • How to ensure the ethical use of AI?
  • How to prevent biased algorithms from ruining your company?
  • What governance mechanisms to implement?
  • What will the future of work and an augmented workforce look like?
  • How do you prepare your employees for automation?
  • The importance of transparency in AI development

12. Bringing it all together

  • Digital Transformation and the future of work
  • Which new leadership roles should you hire?
  • How to develop an agile growth mindset culture to cope with uncertainty, unpredictability, and insecurity in a volatile and complex world?
  • How to nurture digital growth agents within your business?
  • Achieving a gestalt shift
  • How to develop a privacy-first culture and why is it important?

Digital Employees in Today’s World

Many companies have stopped temporary travelling and on-site international meetings, which opens an opportunity to develop new digital skills to work with high-performance environments in a new format. The employee of tomorrow is a digital employee, but you want to know today what tools to use. In this Digital Transformation course, we will teach all your employees how they can become digital employees and be productive while working remotely. Apart from tools and insights, we will share interviews with large organisation who have successfully built a decentralised organisation.

Remote work

What are the Benefits of this Digital Transformation Course for your Business?

Open strategy insights

During the course, your employees will provide input into how your business can be digitally transformed. We will analyse, group and share these results with you in real-time, so management will gain valuable insights how to improve your business. The course not only trains your employees, but also involves them in startegy-making, something that IBM has done succesfully for years.

Training the digital employee

The employee of tomorrow is a digital employee. Especially during these challenging times of the Coronavirus crisis, it is important that your employees know how to collaborate from home. During the course we will share and use several remote working and digital collaboration tools, empowering your employees with the skills to succesfully work remotely.

Integrate internal projects

The digital transformation course can be linked to any 8-week internal project. Your teams will go through the course together and can directly implement their learnings into a real-world project. After the 8-weeks course, all your employees have learned about emerging technologies and you have implemented multiple digitalisation projects. As such, your ROI will be immediately visible.

Relevant for all employees

For digital transformation to succeed, it is important that all employees, not just senior management, have an understanding of emerging information technologies such as big data, blockchain or AI. By providing this course for all employees you will be able to achieving the gestalt shift necessary to successfully transform your business.

Low pricing, high ROI

We have deliberately priced this digital transformation course very low if you want to train all your employees. This enables you to give all your employees access to digital transformation knowledge, not just senior management. Only once all employees understand digital transformation, will you be able to achieve it.

Engagement analytics

Since all employees join, we provide you with insights on engagement levels of your employees. We offer deep analytics into how your employees are performing and are able to link these insights to your internal systems. As a result, you will know in real-time if someone completed the course, how much engagement there was and what they learned.

The Trainer

The Digital Transformation Course will be presented by Dr Mark van Rijmenam, who is an expert on digital transformation and emerging information technologies. In addition, you will gain valuable insights from thought leaders, experts and senior management from companies who have succesfully transofrmed their business.

Dr Mark van Rijmenam
Founder, author, speaker

Dr Mark van Rijmenam is founder of Datafloq and Mavin. He is a globally recognised speaker, expert and strategist on big data, blockchain and AI, and he is the author of 3 management books, including: “The Organisation of Tomorrow“.



“Mark was instrumental in setting up the workshop format and structure. During the workshop he shared his views on Big Data and a possible way forward. Mark combines big data content with a personal drive to create an inspiring Big Data story.”

“Mark has a way of framing topics through an extensive web of inter-disciplinary insight and know-how that pushes the conversation forward for all of us. If you are in search for inspiration and actionable advice, Mark is your guy.”

“Mark van Rijmenam provided good foundational knowledge [on blockchain] and how this new technology will change the world in the coming years. He is original and a good instructor.”

Pre-register for the Digital Transformation Course

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