“Digital innovation is only successful if EVERYONE participates in the company! ”

Digital transformation is a prerequisite for companies to maintain their competitive or leading position. Especially in these uncertain times, it has become apparent that digitization is indispensable for companies if they want to be and remain successful. Successful companies understand that only incremental improvements (doing digital) are not enough in the long term, but that transformational changes (being digital) must be considered.

It is important to be innovative at different levels within the organization. For that to succeed, it is vital that there are commitment and a willingness to change at all levels of the organization. This requires a shared understanding of what digital transformation means and what new technologies entail. Research has shown that when all employees understand how new technologies change their work, they are more positive about digital transformation and more willing to support and ensure the success of such a change process.

Initially, and in most cases (roughly 75% of the time), digitalization is about optimizing existing processes (incremental innovation) that yield improvements in the short term. To a lesser extent (20% of the time), and in the medium term, transformation deserves attention within the company. We call the third level disruption. The company wonders whether, and how, they could make themselves redundant in the longer term (5%). “What if we started all over again as our own competitor?”

Digital transformation issues
Digital transformation course

Successful companies understand that only incremental improvements (doing digital) are not enough in the long term, but that transformational changes (being digital) must also be considered.

This requires a change in the mindset of the entire company whereby people are open to and see the opportunities of digital transformation. Only then will a company not “do digital”, but “be” digital.

To ensure that the entire company is “on board” and there is no resistance in the digital transition, it is important to develop a common language, level of knowledge and vision for digital innovation. That is why we have developed Unlock.Digital.

Digital transformation drivers
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Tailor-made per target group


In contrast to existing (online) digital transformation programs, Unlock.Digital offers a program that is aimed at senior management, middle management and operational staff. All employees, management and executives are introduced to the same theory and terminology, providing a broad and shared basic understanding of emerging technologies, capabilities and challenges. Each group from its own perspective that matches the job level of the employees. The theoretical framework is supported by very practical examples in order to achieve a steep learning curve.

For senior management and executives

Unlock.Digital provides insight into the strategic implications of emerging technologies and innovation while providing middle management with a more tactical and operational perspective. Both groups delve deeper into what emerging technologies are, how they can be used, how they will impact the business and how to get started. For both groups, the digital transformation training lasts 8 weeks and includes dozens of (micro) video lessons, exercises, discussions and questions.


For the operational staff

Unlock.Digital offers an emphatic operational perspective with the important goal of cultivating an understanding of digital transformation and removing the fear of the unknown (digitization). Various emerging technologies are explained in practical terms, with a focus on the implications of these technologies for work and how – all employees – can benefit from them. For operational staff, the course lasts four weeks and includes dozens of (micro) video lessons, animations, and multiple-choice questions.

The Unlock.Digital Training

The Unlock.Digital training is based on the concept of microlearning. Microlearning consists of short, focused videos of 3-5 minutes, which are specifically designed to quickly familiarize viewers with new material. One of the main benefits of microlearning is chunking. By splitting lessons into bite-sized chunks, it is much easier for participants to retain new knowledge. That’s because the short-term memory can only contain 3-5 pieces of new information at a time. In combination with the power of repetition with the help of specific questions, the participants will master the material in a short time. With the help of microlearning, all participants can also learn at their own pace, which increases involvement.

Unlock Digital training screenshot

The micro-videos consist of theoretical explanations of different models, discussion of practical applications or the use of animation to explain difficult concepts. These videos are presented, or voice-over in the case of animations, by the trainers (which will be avatars presenting the training in a company-branded digital studio). In addition, expert interviews or business interviews by senior management of organizations that have successfully implemented a digital transformation are also part of the training.

In addition to video lessons, the Unlock.Digital training also includes assignments, consisting of both open questions and closed questions (multiple choice). Some of the open questions are assessed using peer-to-peer assessments. This means that a participant must first assess three questions from peers before their own answer is assessed. Because feedback is given anonymously during the assessment, both participants get to know the matter even better.

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Cost of the program

The cost of the program depends on the number of employees working at your company; after all, everyone takes part in the training. This stems from our conviction and methodology that digital transformation can only be truly successful if there is broad and shared support within the company. We offer the program in two variants:

One off unlock digital


All employees go through the training program and take the final test. After the training, the input of your employees is made available to you in raw format. In this variant, you pay once, an amount per employee. The content of the training courses will remain available online for 1 year.

subscription unlock digital

Subscription for three years after which can be cancelled annually.

Same program 1 plus:

  • The employees have digital access to the current, updated training material.
  • New employees can go through basic training at any time.
  • All employees receive an annual update training (1 day) with a final test.
  • Digital suggestion box where employees can pitch their ideas.

Optionally, Datafloq can provide an analysis, summary and presentation of all insights, ideas and suggestions from your employees after the training (or the update training).

Digital transformation benefits

Benefits for your organization

  • a common language on the theme of digital innovation;
  • a shared vision of why digital innovation is critical to success;
  • a clear understanding of the importance of the three levels of innovation;
  • knowledge of current and emerging technological possibilities and innovations;
  • a digital mindset in which technology is not seen as scary but as essential;
  • a clear idea of where and how you as an individual can contribute to digital transformation;
  • a willingness to work together to make digital transformation a success;
  • a first step towards “getting started” with digital innovation.
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The Trainers

Dr Mark van Rijmenam

Dr. Mark van Rijmenam is the founder of Datafloq and Mavin. He is a globally recognized speaker, expert and strategist in the field of big data, block- chain and AI, and is the author of 3 management books, including: “The Organization of Tomorrow”.

Lennard Hoogenraad

Drs Lennard Hoogenraad is an experienced change manager and has initiated and stimulated digital transitions at large companies. Lennard combines a strong business insight with more than 20 years of management experience. He is also an advisor to Mavin, a jury member for the SVDJ accelerator and mentor of scale-ups in Nepal.


“Mark was instrumental in setting up the format and structure of the work- shop. During the work- shop he shared his vision on Big Data and a pos- sible way forward. Mark combines big data con- tent with a personal drive to create an inspiring Big Data story.” – Capgemini

“Dr. Mark van Rijmenam is simply a rock star! His abil-ity to deliver a well-prepared message in a funny, interesting way and engage everyone in the room is unparalleled in his industry. His research and thought-provoking educational material will resonate for many years.” – Leadership School

“I met Lennard when he visited Nepal for the first time as a mentor for Rockstart Impact. In spite of his first time meeting Nepalese entrepreneurs and being ex- posed to a foreign culture, Lennard did an exceptional job and his feedback was dearly valued by all. Lennard is headstrong and very creative with a positive attitude towards life. He was one of the best men- tors we had at Rockstart Impact program last year!” – Rockstart

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